Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Punta Sabbioni

Today was the first of my island adventures. I went to the Lido to meet a friend and from there we road bikes to a ferry which took us to the island of Punta Sabbioni--which is really not its own island but rather an area of an island. The area is mostly agricultural, some restaurants, and they are starting to build apartment complexes, etc. so I imagine they are expecting some sort of 'boom'. We also biked to another part called Tre Porti.

It threatened to rain all day but held out. It was so much fun being on a bike. I think it has been a good decade since I have ridden. Then we just stopped by the roadside and started picking fruit--grapes, plums, figs, and something I think is a version of passion fruit--wait, its a know me..dont know a thing about cooking or shopping for food! We also picked fresh rosemary and lavender. It was amazing...its just there by the road waiting for someone to come by.

I can honestly say I have never eaten a fig (except in Fig Newton's!) but they are really quite tasty. The grapes were wonderful as well. And because it is an agriturismo area, there are no chemicals at all...just eat it right off the tree or vine!

It was really a fun day...just being in the island countryside, riding a bike (which by the way, I am already sore from!), and enjoying the fruits of mother nature. Truly a nice way to appreciate life.


Anonymous said...

Susan I miss you! You're blog is great...Looks like you are having a ton of fun. What a great time.
Can you believe Larry is moving to Kettering??

Anonymous said...

That last comment was from Shea