Sunday, August 5, 2007

What's new?

Wow..its been almost a week since I have written to you! It's just been living daily life here, so nothing exciting to report. I thought about telling you that I had met an Italian man and we decided to get married---sort of leave you hanging for a few days to see how many comments I got, but I figured some of you wouldnt find it quite as amusing as I do! So, instead I wrote nothing. ;-)

I actually have an entire month with no guests (I do have a friend coming for 2 days but she is staying in a hotel with her husband). This is a first for me and a chance to delve into some of the travel I want to do. Of course, you know by now that I cant travel within the EU (have this confirmed in both Italian and English!) until I get that stupid piece of paper from the government. But, I can travel in Italy, and strangely enough, I apparently can travel outside the EU.

So, I have a list now of place to go. Mostly day trips. There are quite a few islands around Venice to check out. All of them very small and known for some historical reason but not really enough to spend more than a few hours at each. Then there are a few towns in the area (within a few hours by train) that are on the list. And I definitely want to get to Croatia (not part of the EU) which is about 2 hours by ferry or 3-4 by train. That might be an overnight trip depending on where I choose to go in that country.

I do have reservations in September for a night in Cinque Terre and 2 nights in Lake Como...very much looking forward to that. And I have a few more ideas in mind for later in the year but havent done much research on them yet.

Its almost overwhelming, so many choices and no idea where to start! I remember that when I used to live in Wisconsin I never went anywhere. Then when I decided to move to Arizona, I felt this need to go out and do as much as I could in 3 months! Silly idea and a bit stressful. So hopefully, with my list in hand, I am going to have a great time exploring. I will keep you updated on pics and adventures.

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