Friday, June 15, 2007

Mr. Peabody and the wallet

Never a dull moment in Venice. Today I got the urine results back on the cat. Through a translator, I found out that Mr. P has a bacteria infection and that needs to be cleared up before we can do more tests. Its seems that the vet doesn't think this is the cause of his near death experience last week. And while my vet in Phoenix always thought he had hyperthyroidism, the tests would never confirm. Those same tests give the same results in Italy (thank goodness for some consistency). Everything is 'normal'. I picked up his antibiotics at that people pharmacy again....I am wondering if the pharmacists have to study both people and pet health to be able to do their job???? So, Mr. P is so much better, happier, playing and eating and we will take what we get with his 16 years.

Also, today on our walk home, I found a wallet lying on a bridge. This in itself is amazing. Consider over 150,000 people wandering around a small island all running into each other and pushing and shoving to get to their photographic moment before the next guy does--and I am the one to find this wallet!? Wanting to do the right thing, I rifled through it looking for some ID....what I found was about 140 in euros, some train tickets worth about 25-30 euros and a Bancomat card (ATM). I tried to reach the bank but this particular branch is closed on Friday. Couldn't find her name in the phone book so who knows where she lives in Italy. My realtor suggested I go turn it in at the police. Normally, this would seem like the thing to do, but I dont have a high level of trust with the police and I would rather not see them pocket the money. So, I will attempt to visit the bank on Monday and use my broken Italian to do my good deed. I am sure this gal is just feeling terrible about her loss...wish I could find her today but she will just have to wait until next week....once again proving that nothing moves quickly in Italy!

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sognatrice said...

Not trusting the police? You *are* becoming Italian ;)

Hope Mr P is feeling better :)