Monday, June 11, 2007

The Vet

What a long weekend. Left the apartment Thurday morning for a bit of sightseeing and was home a few hours later only to find my cat acting more than bizarre. He was dazed, walking funny and wouldnt raise his head (his nose was touching the floor). I thought perhaps he fell but didnt seem to be in any pain. Checking on him periodically throughout the day, he just seemed to worsen. So, I scrambled to find a vet on the island (very mad at myself because I should have done this before). Was up at the crack of dawn to walk to the other side of the island to verify that a recommendation of a vet actually existed and where it was. One hour round trip walking to and from. She only takes appointments but called pretty quick and told me to show up at 1030am.

Putting a cat in a container of any sort is not pleasant. Putting a sick one in even less so. The loud meowing caused me to get 'caught' by my realtor with the cat (he didnt know I brought him), so that jig is up! Traipsing across the island with a cat on your back in a backpack type container is stressful enough but add some humidity and worry, and you can just feel and hear the pounds falling off of you.

The vet speaks very little English and me, very little Italian. So, I got on the phone and had a translator for most of the visit. Blood tests, exams, IV's, and 2 hours later we are free to go. Perhaps Mr. P is having mini strokes and has some kidney trouble is the diagnosis. Bring a urine sample on Monday and we will see.....

Saturday, the cat is basically on his death bed....barely functioning. Many prayers later, Sunday afternoon rolls around and Mr. P is up and behaving like normal (well normal for him anyway). I truly cant believe it!

So now its Monday and I carried that urine sample with me all over Venice waiting for the vet to call and tell me she was in. Finally, I had my 'translator' call and she said to come by around 230pm. We get the results on Thursday.

The interesting part is his Rx...some potassium and amino acids which you purchase at the local people pharmacy--the boxes say for dogs and cats only! I dont yet know what to think of this--I guess I will worry about it if and when I have to get an Rx there!

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