Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pedicure and Power Tools

So, today was my big appointment to get a pedicure and eyebrow waxing at the salon recommended to me when I first arrived in May. This was the first available appt. so I had high hopess of a good service. And, compared to that other pedicure (most painful experience my feet have ever had), it was good. But oh so different than anything that happens in the US.

First, you go into this room about the size and dimension of a coffin. Sitting in a chair and facing your technician with the walls inches away is a bit disconcerting. There is no place to look or go in case of an emergency! It didnt hurt at all which is the good thing, but I can honestly say when the power tools came out and on, I panicked! Never before has someone used an electrical tool on my toes and feet! I am not squeemish, but I had to look away. There just isnt any way you can watch this going on in addition to the noise (similar to a dental drill)! I am truly amazed it didnt hurt.

The eyebrow waxing turned out to not be a waxing at all but manual labor plucking. You stay in the same chair sitting up after the pedicure and she comes at you with the tweezers, pushes your head back like it has some sort of flip top action to it and gets busy. Now that hurts! Its not a bad job for what and how she did it, but it definitely doesnt compare to a waxing.

They could learn so much from the Vietnese gals back home!

So, there it is...my next appointment is July 19! :-)

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