Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Buon Compleanno

or happy birthday in english....sometime this week, 17 years ago, my best little buddy, Mr. Peabody was born! I met him when he was 8 weeks old and we have been together ever since. He is spoiled rotten, has the attitude of a crabby old man and will ensure at all costs that he has his own way. But I still love the little guy and cant imagine my year here without him. I named him Mr. Peabody after the Rocky and Bullwinkle show from my childhood...who knew what a self fulfilling prophecy that would be when I first said that I was 'his boy Sherman'!

I had some mental lapse before I moved here and thought maybe I would ship him off to a friend in Iowa to live with her, her husband and her zoo but then I came to my senses and all the paperwork came together and we are here now.

In honor of his birthday, I refilled his thyroid prescription and gave him an extra large helping of his favorite food. Oh yeah, and a few extra 'that's a good boy' comments were shared this week as well. For his part, he slept as usual and participated in what my friend calls, 'the 8 o'clock run' around the apartment!

Here's to you, Mr. Peabody!


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, so glad Mr. Peabody is doing well. Here's a tip: Stock up on that thyroid medication before you leave Venice. I buy it there for under 5 euros for a box of 100 tablets. Here in CA it's $1 per pill!


Heather said...

my zoo? what zoo? I am so glad Mr. P is doing so well, but I am sure he does not give a hoot about what I think - he's just glad I am not there anymore! :-) Happy B-day Mr. P! I love you!!!