Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pancake Dinner

Some things in life are fun just because. And one of those things is having breakfast for dinner. So when the Reverend told me that he and his wife were hosting a traditional English pancake dinner in honor of Shrove Tuesday, how could I say no?

Now, these weren't the pancakes that I know....I would probably call it more like a crepe. And the toppings werent anything you find at IHOP either! The traditional way is to squeeze lemon on it and then sprinkle a bit of sugar, roll it up and cut into tasty bitesize pieces. However, I was lucky enough to have some other Americans show up and they brought some Vermont maple syrup! Now thats good!

And turns out I really had no idea what Fat Tuesday and Shrove Tuesday meant. Its probably a good thing that I didnt get the obvious meaning of Fat Tuesday all these years, because I dont really need the extra pounds. Basically, a time to clear out your kitchen and pantry of all the food and eat it up. Shrove Tuesday has a bit more of a religious tone to it with the idea being that you confess before you confess on Ash Wednesday....not sure I really understand that either.

I imagine back in the day Fat Tuesday and Shrove Tuesday were one in the same and over time the original religious meaning has been distorted. Regardless of that, I was just happy to get some pancakes for dinner last night.

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