Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Mdina (pronounced emdeena) is really the jewel of Malta. Its an incredibly small, enclosed fortress like town with only a couple hundred people living there. Its buildings are all monochrome in color and design, the streets are as narrow as Venice (the sign in the pic shows it to only be 5 feet 6 inches wide), but the quaint feeling one gets wandering around is worth the trip.

There is a lovely cathedral there (St. Pauls) with great tomb markers all over the floor.....rows and rows of them....really impressive. We saw one with chains on it and asked for information. Turns out one of the people who was buried here about 30 years ago is being sent back home to the UK. The tombs are several layers deep with most being bishops and priests but there are a few others here. It was a bit creepy seeing the chains there to lift the marble. She (one of the 3 women buried there) was leaving in a few days and then they were going to seal up the marble again.

To prove my height, I squeezed myself into a doorway in order to show how gigantic I really am!

Although we spent just a little over an hour in Mdina, it was a great time. And considering we almost didnt go because of the rain and the thought of another bus trip, I am glad we talked ourselves into it. And I am glad I went to Malta. I am so thankful for the trips I have been able to make this year and for the experiences I have had....its a lifetime of good crammed into one year!

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