Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I really have no other title for this segment. Over the past year, I have shared with you some of the intracacies of Italian/Venetian bureaucracy and for the most part, I have been able to laugh it off. For whatever reason, I cant seem to find any humor in this latest episode--perhaps because I need these things to be done in order to leave this country!

First, I have been trying (or should I say with the help of a friend, I have been trying) for 2 weeks to get a hold of the state vet who is the keeper of some piece of paper I need in order to take the cat back home. He is only in the office by appointment and numerous phone calls have gone unanswered (dont even think about asking if there is an answering machine!). On the few occasions that someone did answer the phone, we were told that we had to speak directly to the vet in order to get information and make an appointment to get the holy grail paperwork. Of course, this only begs the question as to what this person is doing by answering the phone if they can neither answers questions nor make appointments--sounds like a great job! I have even walked my happy butt over to the office and rang the doorbell numerous times but obviously, I havent hit upon a time when he has made an appointment with someone else. Some would call this a conundrum. All I know is that it is making me a curmudgeon!

Secondly, I started also 2 weeks ago to cancel my internet connection here in Venice. After going to the storefront where I originally signed up with no problem, I was told I had to call a number to find out what to do. So, calling the number, I am told I have to write a letter stating that I want my service cancelled (I dont get to pick the date by the way--they just need 30 days after they receive the letter in order to take of this business) and mail it via the post office with a return receipt. Additionally, they are going to charge me 49 euro to cancel AND I have to pay to send the modem back to them (no, I cant drop it off at the storefront!). Once they receive my letter, they will send me a text message on my cell phone telling me where to mail the modem and what day my service is cancelled. Well, here we are 2 weeks later and I have not gotten my return receipt back nor heard from the company. I have done as much as I can and have enlisted yet another friend to take over for me in Italian to see if there is any hope of ever cancelling my internet service in Italy.

It is beyond me and I continue to be amazed (although I am not sure why anymore) as the complete lack of customer service that exists over here. I am not even asking anyone to be curtious to me anymore (those days long past) but how about actually doing your job? What a novel concept........

Oh well, I am sure someday, I will find laughter again....

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