Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here comes the laughter!

So, after my venting session yesterday here, I decided to get 'serious' about these two things and work in tandem with my friends to get an answer.

I went out for my morning errands and came back to make the phone call to the vet. Lo and behold, he was there and I spent a good 5 minutes talking to him in Italian about what I wanted and needed and what he wanted and needed. At the time, I thought the best part was that he understood me and I understood him and I got my appointment.

However, I called my friend to tell her I got through to the vet and got the appointment and she informed that she, too, got through earlier in the morning and made me an appointment! Her appointment is 1/2 hour before mine on the same day. Her Italian is extremely good so we are now wondering why this man didnt say something about how strange it is that two American girls with cats are leaving on exactly the same day and have the same name...what are the odds?!

At any rate, I am keeping both appointments and will fill him in on the 'secret' once I am there. Next thing to internet connection cancellation....watchout FastWeb, I am on a mission!

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Anonymous said...


I know this may not be the best place to post this but....

I'm really sad as your last two posts have made me realise your year is drawing to a close. Thank you for your honest open-hearted blogs that show what it's resally like to live in one of the most wonderful and frustrating cities in the world.

I wish we could do the same but can't afford the year off!
Still we're off to Venice again next week for 3 nights so Ciao for now!

Rob in London