Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wild Wicklow Tour

I have no idea why they call it the Wild Wicklow Tour...there was nothing wild about it. But it was a very nice day out in the countryside of Ireland and a nice change of pace from the rush of the city.

We were picked up in a nice motorcoach bus and since we were the first stop, we chose to trade off sitting in the front seat with the great view...never been on a bus before that had this seat.

On the way out of town, we stopped by the recording studio where U2 made their first album. The graffiti there has nothing to do with U2 but it is a designated and legal area for graffiti. Taggers and tourists alike come here to paint to their hearts content...its a constant work in progress and probably helps explain why you dont see graffiti in the city proper. Dublin is a very clean city; amazingly clean considering the activity.

Then we stopped at Sandy Cove to get a skyline view of Dublin and see the swimmers. Turns out people are swimming in this cold water every day of the year! We were also treated to a rainbow.

Finally, into the countryside, we drove through mountains and up to plateaus. We stopped at the area where Braveheart was filmed (as well as other movies) and made a visit to an ancient monastic site.

There is a tower at this monastic site and the superstition says that if you walk around the tower clockwise 3 times, you will find your husband (or wife). If you walk around 3 times counter clockwise, you will get rid of your husband (or wife)! So, always one to follow these silly things, I thought I would speed up the process by running around the tower instead of walking (you can see me counting in the pics)! I will keep you updated on that one!

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