Friday, March 14, 2008

Favorite Pic

Its always hard to pick one favorite snapshot from a vacation but I think this one has to be it for now. There were many beautiful sites to see but this sign not only caused a great guffaw of laughter but also made us pause to wonder what in the world went on that they needed to be ever so specific!

With all the drinking going on in Dublin, you would expect some issues. To be honest, I didnt see as many fights as I thought I would. I certainly saw my share of men peeing on city streets and drunken revelers vomiting their last 5 pints of Guinness on the ground. But I only witnessed two incidents that involved the police.

First, while walking along the street, there was a crowd formed around a guy on the ground. This tiny little guy who weighed less than I do had 3 policemen sitting on him (yes, sitting) and another 3-4 standing around watching the crowd. Now I have no idea what he did to cause such treatment but he must have had Herculean strength! When the paddy wagon arrived, another 5 cops came out of the back. So, in the end, we had over 10 cops needed to arrest a drunken skinny guy. Dublin's finest? Or perhaps Dublin at its finest? Who knows.

Then second incident actually startled me and I now know how I react to situations like this. It was late and we stopped into Burger King to grab a snack of french fries (more potatoes--can you believe it!). There were 3 Welsh guys there (by the end of the weekend, I was able to decipher the difference between Irish and Welsh based on features!). These guys had three of the biggest necks I have ever seen in my life. Its not that they were in great shape because the beer bellies were obvious, but the necks were HUGE. They were leaning on the counter waiting for their meals and moved ever so slightly for us to place our order. When done, we stepped back a bit and let this 20 something Irish kid stand in line behind them. Well, they weren't interested in moving for him and he apparently got too close to their personal space. One neck turned around and in record speed, threw a punch at this guys head that literally floored him. I was about 2 feet from him when he went down, let out a shrill and an 'Oh my God!". There were no words exchanged--the neck just didnt like how close this guy was to him. In the end, we got our fries and as we were leaving the injured guy was telling the manager he wanted the police called.

I certainly dont want to characterize either the Welsh or the Irish with these incidences but it isnt a great scenario for visitors. On the other hand, I saw more than this when I lived in Milwaukee so I really have to chalk up to drinking and testosterone!

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