Friday, July 20, 2007

Aaaaahhhhhhhh--air conditioning!

Just like in the US, you dont really know when the delivery time get a window of 'opportunity' to sit home and be confined. And such was the case yesterday. I waited and waited and then didnt want to wait any longer. Knowing that they were calling my realtor and not me, I chose to leave the house and meander (once outside in the heat and humidity, I realized that this was not the wisest decision I have ever made). Of course, I got just far enough away when the phone call came, so I ended up running home in that oppressive weather.

But, my delivery guy was nice and carried the unit upstairs to the bedroom and set it up for me. The effect was immediate when turned on. No sooner did he leave than I stood in front of it and had no intention of moving--ever! But, I figured I should try to read the instructions to understand all the buttons, etc. Luckily for me, there was an english section.

There is this hose that is about the size of the one on our dryers that blows all the hot air out of the window. And the problem is that you can no longer close your window all the way because of it. Because there is not some device created to solve this problem (because they havent and because it would be difficult with all the windows on this island being unique and various sizes from building to settling, etc) , you are on your own to be creative....and so I was. With a bungee cord to hold the window closed as much as possible and a blanket to shove in the cracks of the window frame, I have the best possible answer--not attractive, but functional. And truly, that is all that matters at this point.

I left for a few hours and could feel the difference when I returned and went upstairs. Not so much downstairs but I am hoping to redirect some of that cold air down over the next few days. I slept well and that makes me happy. And being happy is a good thing!

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You write very well.