Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Just like the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, the Venetian sales have begun on time and with great fervor!

Overnight from Sunday to Monday (stores closed on Sunday), everything went on sale. Most things were from 30-50% off but some started right at 70%. From what I hear, the sales last a few weeks, so there is potential for more discounts.

Not to be left out, I diligently plotted my route and went out with the best of them. It was like that video we see every year on the TV about the wedding dress sale at Eileen's Basement in NYC.....frenzy and chaos...people grabbing the last one, waiting impatiently to get into the dressing room knowing that each minute spent there was one less to spend shopping. I did my part, spending a bit--as much as any unemployed person should spend--but am hoping to catch a few more things when they all hit 70% off.

And then in mid-August when it is continuously 90 degrees and 90% humidity, they start stocking the shelves and dressing the windows with winter wear. As I sit here now in this weather (without an a/c in my apt), I am thinking who would want to even think about buying winter wear, let alone try it on? But, as in the US, marketing is king and we must push the seasons far in advance. I suppose if they had Halloween and Thanksgiving here, they would be decorating as such like they do in the US. Lucky for me, that wont be happening.

And by the way, my couch cover was probably the only item not on sale as it is not considered seasonable. Ho hum......

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