Thursday, July 5, 2007

So what do I miss?

Ok...I have been here about 2 months already (can you believe that!?). And now that there is a routine again in my life (and I use that term loosely!), I have come to some conclusions about the things I miss from the good ol' USA.

Contrary to what I thought, its not peanut butter because I have been lucky enough to get a supply so far. And while I do miss shoe shopping, I have managed to be creative and find a few places that will sell some shoes for 'cheaper' in order to indulge my habit.

So what is it? Well, dont be offended since I havent listed any people in the top 5. Of course, I miss all my friends and family. But so far, here is what is ranking on my day to day list (not in any particular order):

1. My couch. I paid good money for that set and I always enjoyed using it. Furniture in Europe is a bit more practical/functional and not so much concerned with comfort.

2. A garbage disposal. Its amazing how you take things for granted. I know that most people were surprised that I didnt have a dishwasher in my house in Phoenix but it didnt both me a bit. So, I certainly dont miss that here and I have that cool over-the-counter-drying rack anyway! But, not having a garbage disposal just makes things alot more difficult. You cant just put things in the sink and flush them down. Everything has to be wiped off into the trashcan first. Not really that big of a deal, but inconvenient and I miss it!

3. Genetically altered fruit that comes without seeds! The fruit here is fantastic, but I really hate having to buy grapes and watermelon with seeds (especially since I cant throw the seeds down the garbage disposal as I am cutting up the watermelon!). Its a small thing but somehow or other takes some enjoyment away for me when I bite into a grape and hit a seed.

Still working on number 4 and 5.

So, there it is. Nothing earthshattering but a list nonetheless.


Julie said...

Paul and I can understand how you miss your couch. When I was still in Germany Paul kept saying how great the couch was. Now that I have returned, I have found a few moments to enjoy your comfy couch. I can relate to the European functional couches - lived with one for 11 year.

Ryan said...

I agree that the garbage disposal is the thing i miss the most ( i will have to add it to my list as it makes me angry everyday, but somehow I forgot about it) and I am sad about the grapes too because I really love grapes and they look so refreshing, but I know that inside there is a seed and that is just far too much work for me for a piece of fruit!