Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Monsoon in Venice?

In the 15 years I spent in Phoenix, I have seen my share of monsoon storms. The last few years have been less than spectacular as far as that goes, but we have gotten our share of wind and dust (haboob as they call it) and just enough rain to make the humidity go away for a bit.

Yesterday morning I walked out to go to the grocery store and made it about 10 paces before I turned around and went back in. It was unbelievably heavy outside. You could breathe the humidity. I just didnt feel like lugging groceries in that mess. So imagine my surprise when about 3pm the clouds rolled in, the wind started and the temperature dropped from 88 to 68 in about 1 hour!

I, of course, chose that time to go out and get some cat food (afterall, a good mom makes sure her cat is well fed even if she isnt). The pet store is not that far from my apartment and the cool air (it wasnt quite 68 yet) was a nice change.

I went out in the hurricane force winds...sand blasting at my legs, dust devils of trash and pigeon feathers making their way, and the ever present threat of rain. I got my cat food, walked back in the thunder and drizzle and no sooner was I inside, than the lightening and the rain began.

It was downright cold--I think the wind was coming from Antarctica or something. The rain was blowing sideways because of the wind and the thunder just hung above the island. After about 3 hours of this mess, the rain stopped, the winds subsided a bit and people started to venture out again (in their sweaters, of course).

Now thats a monsoon!

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