Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fa Molto Caldo!

That means, its really hot! Actually, not hot compared to Phoenix as it is only about 90 degrees during the day. But with 90% humidity, its 'oppressive' as they say back in the day. It's like being in a wet t-shirt contest all day long!

People arent really any more crabby than usual and all of the tourists are still milling around but the locals are a bit more scarce. And, if you know of the few places (stores, restaurants) that have a/c, you are sure to find it crowded inside.

Being the spoiled American that I am, I have purchased a portable a/c that is to be delivered on Friday! I thought I could do it and for the most part I am hanging in there, but trying to sleep at night is unbearable. When you roll over and the sheet is stuck to you, you know its time for action!

So, after delivery today and me trying to figure out how to work the thing works with Italian instructions, I am hoping to write to you next time from the comforts of my newly air conditioned apartment!

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