Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sad News

I am writing now with a heavy heart. I just received a phone call from my dear, sweet friend Marco. We met last year on one of my trips here. His father died yesterday.

My heart aches for Marco. I was blessed to meet his father and mother two weeks ago when we all spent the day in Cortina in the mountains. While he didnt speak English, we actually communicated really well. He was a happy man at 83. Marco had told me he was ill but he certainly was spry that day and I will never forget how he beamed when he told me how much he loved his son, how big his heart was and how lucky he was that God gave him that son.

Gino and his wife were married for 50 years. I can only imagine her pain as she has lost her partner. Marco was devastated and I am sure the rest of his family is in great pain as well.

I dont know the protocol for funerals in Italy. Marco said he would let me know when the services were. I am going to ask some Italian friends what is appropriate to say and do under such circumstances. Its funny how you always feel helpless in a situation like this and now even more so when I have the cultural issue to contend with.

I can only ask that you pray for Marco and his family to ease their pain and give them comfort. And I ask for your prayers for myself that I may be helpful to them in any way they need.

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