Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Massage

I thought I could go the whole year without a massage but I was wrong. After 5 months of carrying, lugging, pulling and pushing (like the rest of the Venetians and tourists), my upper back and shoulders just said 'no more'. Three days into my headache, I did a search for a place in Venice to get a massage. Venetians are not pampered people so I knew my options were limited. I had a choice of two places. The Cipriani Hotel which is a 5 star hotel where George Clooney stays when he is in town. I didnt even bother to check the rates. And a new place that opened a few months ago. They basically charge 1 euro a minute, so for 50 euros, I agreed.

I got there and realized I had no idea what to expect. They took me into a room with a very hard bed (minus the head rest part) and told me to undress and lie face down. Ok...I've done this before. But wait, there is no sheet or blanket to cover with and how much do they want me to undress? More info than you want but I left the undies on. She came in, turned off the lights, turned on some rain music and started right in. There was no conversation about what type of massage, if there was anything bothering me, etc. She was just at it. But she was least in my opinion. She was 'delicata' in her touch which is what I prefer (although I probably need some deep tissue work at this point).

It was a bit chilly lying there naked as it was only 55 degrees and raining outside. But, when in Rome..... Halfway through, I was given the command to roll over and obediently did. Now is when I was missing my sheet. It was a bit liberating because I have to remember that Europeans dont really have the body hangups we do in America, so it probably doesnt occur to them to cover up. I would like to do it merely for the warmth! By the way, I could tell she would have preferred that the undies were gone also. I imagine that the massages in the US are careful with sheet and hand placement due to our hangups as well as lawsuits. Since that is not an issue over here, the lines are much more blurred. But I still wanted the sheet for warmth (see a pattern here?). I bet it also saves on laundry for them?!

This was the first time I have ever had the front of my torso massaged. Its not sexual but its different as I have never experienced it before. The jury is still out on whether or not I like it. She also massaged my entire face...another new experience. I have had a facial and this is nothing like it. Her strokes were the same as on my body and by the time she was done, my entire body was lubed beyond lubed. She used an oil instead of a lotion and I basically slid off the table and into my clothes.

As any good salesperson knows, get them at their weakest. When I went to pay, they offered me a buy 9 get 1 free option and I fell for it. My gift to myself (for what I dont know...will have to figure that out later!). The only problem was that I had to go out in the cold and rain afterwards to ride the waterbus back to my stop and then walk to my apt. Oh well....all good things must come to an end but I will be back.

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