Friday, September 14, 2007

Where did she go?

I bet a few of you are wondering where I was all week and why I wasnt updating the blog (or maybe you dont really care!). At any rate, I was doing a 4 day tour of Cinque Terre and Lake Como, Italy. After much train travel, 120 some pictures, 2 hotels and tons of walking, I am back!

Cinque Terre is on the other side of the country from Venice--on the water. About an hour from Pisa, you can arrive at Cinque Terre via train. It is 5 small villages on the waterfront with a hiking path between all of them. So beautiful there. I can now cross off seeing the Mediterranean Sea from my list of things to see in life--wonderful, blue water!

From Venice, it took about 6 hours to get there with a few train transfers. We made a quick one hour jaunt through Pisa on our layover (literally 1 hour) and then watched the terrain change dramatically as we approached Cinque Terre. Travelling by train is really relaxing. I was surprised. You dont get much more room than on an airplane but there is an atmosphere of calm onboard.

That region of Italy is known for pesto sauce so I indulged at dinner as well as purchased a few jars to take back to Venice. I am still amazed at how good the food tastes because of its freshness.

On one of our layovers, we went to the bathroom in the train station thinking it would be a step up from the train car. Well, that is debatable as we ran into the infamous 'squat toilet' as it is officially called (and sometimes called Turkish toilet). I decided to wait until back on the train. However, they both had the same end result as I noticed that the hole in the toilet on the train didnt have a bottom to it and as I peered down, I saw my toilet paper on the traintracks! Oh well....when in Rome.....

I have included a few pics of Cinque Terre and once I get my 18 hours of laundry done, I will update you on Lake Como.

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Gil said...

The Boston to New York train toilets dumped on the tracks back in the day. The day no too many decades ago. Nice blog.