Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Venice Film Festival

So the weather improved slightly today (and I do mean slightly--its snowing in Cortina today!), but it was enough for me to accept an invite to the Lido for one last time on the beach before they close it officially on Sept 15. OK, it was too cold for heathen sun worshipping but it was still nice to be at the beach.

On my way home, I took a slight detour to check out the digs at the Venice Film Festival. Its the oldest and largest film festival in the world. I had visions of attending a movie or two until I found out that movies after 7pm were 48 euros. You can see other movies during the day or some of the lesser known foreign films for 10 euros (according to the schedule) but who wants to do that....I didnt come to Venice to catch a matinee! And for 48 euros, George Clooney does not sit next to you in the theater....can you believe that?

George has been a big hit here in Venice (as he always is). Brad and Angelina showed up the other day but Brad isnt quite as loved as George. Richard Geer showed up last night and Kiera Knightly has been roaming around for a few days. My hope is to see George next week when I go to Lake Como. He owns a house there and I figure after the 'stress' of the film festival, he will take his 25 year old Vegas showgirl girlfriend and hang out at his home for a few days....

The red carpet was much shorter than I thought it would be....of course, we are on an island, so space is limited but I was just surprised. Because I went during the day, not much action going on except for 20 somethings beginning to line up at the fence to ensure they get to see the stars later this evening.....remember the days when you would willingly stand in line for hours at time to do something????? I am past those days!

So, I can at least say that I have been to the Film Festival and now have an image of the scene when I see it in all the magazines.

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