Sunday, September 2, 2007

Regatta Storica

What a weekend....went to Cortina for most of it (will write another blog later) but today was the infamous Regatta Storica here in Venice. HUGE gondola race with various categories and a water parade to kick it off. I was really looking forward to seeing it as I have heard so much over the years and have seen many, many pictures. But I will just come out and say it.....I was really disappointed and bored. There...its off my chest now.

I got out in the crowds early in order to get a good seat for the event. I managed to get one of the last waterside pieces of property at the beginning of the race. After sitting for about 1 1/2 hours, the parade started. It was pretty cool.....and then it was over.....I couldnt believe how short it 10 decorated gondolas...what happened....did I fall asleep?

So then we wait another 45 minutes before the first race starts....there were several categories....children, women, 4 men boats, 9 men boats, etc. Each race started at least 30 minutes from the last one, so the wait inbetween was rather long. And there werent nearly as many entries into the various races as I thought there would be....maybe about 5-10 for each category that I saw.

Well, I made it about 3 hours and then just decided whatever was left probably wouldnt make up for it, so I left.....I have included a few pics for you, but in the future, if my opinion is worth anything, dont book your vacation around this event!

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