Friday, November 9, 2007

Bring on Winter

OK...I am not really wishing for that but since I have convinced myself that I cannot stop it, I must use mind over matter to conquer it. The last week it has been consistently been around 39 degrees as I wake morning routine has become as follows: I run downstairs, flip on the heat (yes, I am actually leaving it off at night in order to save money), feed the cat and then run back upstairs before the sheets have turned cold and wait....wait for the heat to warm up the apartment!

I am also forcing myself to go out in this weather in order to hopefully thicken my Arizona blood a bit. Its not as bad as I thought as long as my feet and hands stay warm. I am pretty much the only person wearing gloves right now by the way. I was out the other day with a fellow expat from New York and we were in a store where the sales gal spoke extremely good American english with no Italian accent...turns out she spent a good deal of time growing up in Canada.....anyway, she was very enamored with NY and wants to go. When she turned to me and asked if I also came from NY, I told her Arizona....she said (and I quote): 'that would explain the gloves'! :-) If I survive this cold, damp winter, it will be one of life great accomplishments.
I went out a few times this week to look for a birthday present for my father. I was completely unsuccessful in that regard but I did find a great blanket and coat for myself! (Sorry dad!). I paid more for the blanket than the coat but you all know where my priorities lie once you look at the picture.


Heather said...

I have now officially caught up on your blog :-)

Maryann@FindingLaDolceVita said...

The blanket is cute with the little cows on it. Those ARE cows, aren't they? :)