Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cold and the oddities it brings

So, in case I havent whined about it enough, its cold here! At 1:15pm today, its a whopping 45 degrees with a nice bitter wind attached. I am really doing much better than I thought I would (which is the upside) but its only November, so I dont want to make any statements I cant live up to for the next few months!

I asked several people again if they REALLY turn their heat on and off during the day. With 100% certainty, they all said yes--boggles the mind and so unAmerican! haha Basically, from what I am hearing is that they turn it on when they wake up in the morning and are getting ready for work and then its off all day and they turn it back on for a couple of hours right before bed and then off all night. It obviously helps to have a job in this scenario but I am home, so this situation doesnt exactly work for me. If I only knew how much it reallys costs, I could make a more informed decision (again, havent received any bills which I am now convinced they are holding until I leave and will want the entire year at that time).

On a high note, however, I dont need ice anylonger because I can just let stuff sit out in the apartment to stay cold! The marble floor stays a constant 50 degrees for me and the brick walls suck up all the humidity and cold and stay about 60 degrees. I could hang meat in here and the USDA would approve!

Oh yeah, and then there is hot chocolate. Its way different than the US. I have had two kinds now. The first is like a solid Hersheys candy bar that has been melted and put in a cup. You can stand a spoon in it without trouble. More of a meal than a drink, actually. And a great source if you need a sugar rush! The other kind has the consistancy of pudding--also needing to be eaten rather than drank. Not as sweet as the first kind and not really the idea that I was going for.

And for the oddest of them all, I am going to Prague on Thursday (voluntarily) for 4 days where it has been snowing off and on all week and the high is only 34! See what happens when a person gets too cold...their brain malfunctions and they start making silly decisions! I probably shouldn't have bought a white coat because now they wont find me until the spring when everything starts to thaw!


Gil said...

All I've got to say is that you are one brave woman! I am sure that your trip will be fine.

Susan said...

thanx really looking forward to seeing prague despite my aversion to the cold. I appreciate the cheerleading you do for me!

kent said...

What would you think of some American-in-Europe-types moving to Venice for a few years? Apart from the famous chill, are prices (groceries, rent for small places) equivalent to other places in northern Italy? Some of us are getting so bored with Brussels we're turning into screaming loonies, but money is an issue (worthless dollar syndrome).

Susan said...

Kent...I wouldnt pick Venice..its probably the most expensive city in Italy...with the dollar the way it is and everything generally overpriced here, you dont get much.