Monday, November 19, 2007

Life is Good

Do you ever notice how everything is wonderful right after a massage? Well, thats how I feel right now....I could care less that its only 46 outside. I am feeling wonderful. I got the oil gal again so I am sufficiently greased up all over and she did a wonderful job.....we even communicated about my sore shoulder and she did some extra work there.

I am going to turn up the heat in the apartment to 25 celsius (which is like 75 or so F--who cares how much it costs--well, at least for a few hours--hows that for living on the edge!), put on my sweats, snuggle up on the couch and revel in this bliss.

She also gave my tummy a good massage which I believe spurs on hunger I must consider eating soon also.......thats even better....a massage and a nice meal. How did I get so lucky!?

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