Friday, November 16, 2007

Mr. Peabody

Yesterday (or should I say last night) was by far the worst time I have had in Italy and I am sure it was the worst time Mr. Peabody had in his 16 years.

For over 3 years, my vet at home has suspected either kidney trouble or hyperthyroid issues with him. But the tests never confirm, so no medication. The vet here (in June) also mentioned the same thing. He eats like a horse but never gains weight and recently started drinking soooooo much water. So, I decided to take him in for more tests. This pains me greatly because getting him from my apartment to the other side of the Grand Canal and island is no small task. I was stressed about it for 2 days before and Mr. P had a bad day as soon as he saw the cat carrier come out from hiding!

Our appt was at 630pm. My wonderful tutor and friend said she would accompany me to help with the 'veterinarian speak'. Well, somewhere earlier in the day, there was an emergency and that put the vet way behind. I didnt actually get in to see her until 830pm and by then, Monica (tutor) had to leave because of prior engagements--but not until her cat allergies kicked in--I felt so bad for her.

But I am getting ahead of myself here. On the way over to the vet, we walked part of the way and took the water bus part of the way. As always, he was a big hit to all the people around (as he is screaming bloody murder for his life!). Almost to the vet, he throws up all over himself in the carrier. Problem number one as I didnt bring towels, etc. At the vet waiting room, I get him out of the carrier only to find that he has s%*t on himself (and now me) as well. In his 16 years, he has never done that. I felt horrible for him and the smell was less than attractive on both of us. Waiting for 2 hours before I could try to clean him up didnt help the situation any either.

There was a woman who's appt was right before mine. She was so kind and gracious and agreed to stay and help with any translations. My angel! All the while Mr. P has taken to growling, hissing and spitting--other behaviors that are not common in our life together. When the vet goes to draw blood (unlike in America, you are there holding your cat and helping through all of this), I thought he was going to die. The noises and the convulsions were almost too much for me to watch. As the vet starts to analyze the blood and urine, I attempt to clean up Mr. P and myself--not very successfully I might add.

We are finally done about an hour later. She truly is a good vet...she is kind and patient and comes highly recommended on the island, but Mr. P and myself were pretty much done for the night. She tells me that she doesnt really want to shave his rear to clean him up and that it is better to go home and wash him with soap. Sure, lets just top off a great evening by putting the cat in water!

Either because of the wait or because of the stress (I dont know which), I end up getting the Venetian Vet price which was 44 euros less than the original bill! So, after paying my 100 euros and putting the cat back in the messy carrier, I am on my home where he promptly throws up on himself again.

On the verge of tears, I call some fellow expats (my other angels for the evening) and they meet me at my apartment and help clean up the cat. I will spare you the details of this one.

Mr. P is then voraciously hungry and thirsty and eats non stop for like 1/2 hour. Its well after 1am before we get to bed and today I am feeling every muscle in my body. Definitely getting a massage soon!

The good news so far is that is doesnt seem that Mr. P has kidney trouble and all his basic levels are good. His sodium is high (the food he eats) and his potassium is better than in June. Now we wait until next Wednesday to get the rest of the results back. For this morning, however, I am doing laundry to clean up all this crap--literally!
P.S. Dont let this picture deceive you--it was taken over a month ago--he doesnt look all that beautiful today!


Ashley said...

Hi Susan,

So sorry to hear about Mr. P. Hope he is doing better now!

Gil said...

I am sorry to hear about your poor sick Mr. P. and to think I would get upset with my son's ca as he usually urinated in the carrier.