Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Today is Salute day here in Venice. It is another religious celebration to commemorate the end of one of the plagues. Like Redentore in July, they build a bridge over the Grand Canal so the people can cross to the church. Unlike Redentore, the bridge doesnt go directly into the church but into a side street. There are masses every hour on the hour for the entire day and many buy and light candles to pray for healing as well as give thanks for their health.

But that is where the religious atmosphere stops. Although I have been told this is 'the holiday' for Venetians, the draw seems to be more from the small street fair. Along 2 of the calli (streets) by the church, vendors are set up selling balloons to children and sweets to everyone. The idea is that after you go to church to worship, you then walk to the fair, get something to eat and enjoy your afternoon. Its really a sweet atmosphere--very small town like.

Having just eaten lunch, I didnt have much room left to sample the goodies, but the deep fried bread intrigued me so I indulged. Its not like elephant ears at the fair and its not like indian fry bread in phoenix.....its got a chewy consistency---maybe like a donut that is just taken out. At any rate, it was more than delicious and I enjoyed every bit.

Tomorrow I am off to Prague so you will have to wait for my return to hear about those adventures. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

P.S. Update on Mr. Peabody....he has a slight urinary tract infection so antibiotics for 10 days. He has also finally shown on the blood test a thyroid problem, so now he get a pill a day for the rest of his life. The only bad thing is that I have to take him back to the vet in 3 weeks for another blood test to see how the pills are working...please, please dont tell him....we will just forget about that trauma to come for a bit!


Nira said...

Hi susan,
enjoy Prague. What a wonderful city!
Don't miss the Saint George Church, it's awesome.

tangobaby said...

Hi Susan,

You have been keeping me in my Venice state of mind now for some time. Thank you for all of the wonderful posts. I hope you have a great time in Prague, but hurry back soon so I can get more Venice! I loved walking out to the Salute so today's post was especially fun.

Tell Mr. Peabody not to worry about the little pill. I have a thyroid condition too, and just like a kitty cat, have to take my medicine everyday. He'll feel much better!


Anonymous said...

Susan, Thanks for posting these photos. I love reading and seeing the sites from afar. Happy Thanksgiving:)

Gil said...

The food in the pictures is to drool for! Glad to hear Mr. Peabody is feeling better. Happy and safe trip.

Ryan said...

Happy Thanksgiving

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Susan, I went to Venice for the first time this Thanksgiving. What an amazing place!!

I took a bunch of photos at the Santa Maria della Salute church and hope to post them soon.