Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where did everybody go???

Something happened while I was in Prague....low tourist season started! Its truly amazing to walk around in the middle of the day (yes, the part of the day I hate to be outside) and have all sorts of personal space around me.

Dont get me wrong, there are still tourists here, but you can feel a marked decline in the numbers. How refreshing that must be for the Venetians--just a little breathing room until the next round starts.

The Christmas lights are starting to go up around town, the nativity scenes are being put together (Venentians walk around and look at nativity scenes rather than christmas lights like we do) and the first Christmas craft market opens Saturday. It is going to be so nice to view all these things without the masses of people.

I think it will be quiet like this until Carnival starts at the end of January....then they will come like they have never come before and make up for this lull!

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tangobaby said...

Oh, please take some pictures of this! I need a fix. ;-)