Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Being Sick

Well, I am in the midst of my first illness here in Venice. Its not horrible....the basic fever, chills, cold thing that eventually moves to your chest so you have a fantastic hacking cough for a few weeks...you know the kind.

I am actually amazed that it took this long to catch something. I think I mentioned before that I am not a germ phobe but when one stops to think about how many things one touches when one walks around Venice, it boggles the mind. Back home I dont think I came into contact with as many things as I do here. I sat at my work desk most of the day and spent a good deal of time in my car and my home. But here, I am out to a different part of the city each day and riding the water buses, shopping, crossing bridges, opening doors, etc. Its amazing how many things my hands touch in one day and how many people have gone before me doing the same thing. Keep in mind that on any given day there are about 250,000 tourists on the island. Thats a quarter of a million people breathing and touching on an island 2 1/2 miles long and 2 miles wide! Amazing.

So, anyway, I am legally allowed to turn the heat on now and it is much needed as it was only 45 degrees when I got up this morning. I think I will just take some alka selzer cold plus and go back to bed!

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Gil said...

Sorry to hear that you got sick. Wait until you find out how expensive Alka Selzer type medicine is in Italy. My wife almost had a stroke when she bought some last year. From what I've been reading it has been unseasonably cold in Italy all week. Crank up the heatand get better!