Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Massage, Part 2

So, yesterday I got another much needed massage. I went to the grocery store on Saturday and pretty much overdid it by carrying home way too many items (life in Venice is very heavy on the manual labor side for everyone). I had a bag over each shoulder and then one in each hand. Its about a 10 minute walk (15 with traffic) from the store to my apartment. By the time I got home, my upper back was killing me.

I made an appointment with my new massage place for 10am. I showed up a bit early to see if I could get an eyebrow wax. I have yet to find a good one here. For some reason, they only want to wax the bottom of your eyebrow and not the top. Odditity, but when in Rome....

Anyway, I had a different gal this time. And the only reason I knew that was because she didnt grease me up like the last one--I was basically sliding out of my clothes last time. And another reason I know is because she handed me a paper thong to put on! As you recall (or are trying to forget), I left my undies on last time much to the dismay of the therapist. They seemed to have been in her way. Again, when in Rome....

This time, however, I asked for a blanket to cover me...the high was about 52 so lying on a table buck naked (with a paper thong on) is a bit chilly! She obliged me and turned on the music. Quite the eclectic selection. Usually you hear rain sounds or maybe Native American type music. Nope, not today. I got a blend of Bach, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, accordian Italian, Manfred Mann, etc. I was engrossed more by the music choice than the massage.

She did a good massage...I felt some of the tension release. However, getting dressed and going out in the cold almost negates the positive you receive from the massage. I was sad! :-) But I went home, made some soup, put on my jammies, and snuggled in for the afternoon.

Later in the evening, I wrapped myself up in several layers and went to another free choir concert at a local church. It was Lady Margarets School Chamber Choir from London. All the gals were seniors in the school and had multiple musical talents. As usual, the accoustics in the church were wonderful and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. When you sit in a church from the 13th century in a foreign country and listen to a choir singing Vivaldi and Bach, you cant help but to be entertained and awed. Perfect day!

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Kataroma said...

Ciao Spike - you need to get yourself one of those wheeled "granny carts" to bring home your groceries. It'll save your back!