Friday, October 12, 2007

I think I can, I think I can...nope, I can't

The weather has been pretty consistent the last few weeks....right around 68 for a high and 55 for a low. To me, coming from Arizona, that's cold on both ends! I know I am always remarking about being cold. I used to go outside my office building when it was 115 outside in order to warm up. 15 years in the desert of Arizona has thinned my blood to almost air and anything below 75-80 puts a chill in me.

My apartment here in Venice has independent heating which means I am in control. That is not always the case. Many buildings are centrally heated and the heat has to be turned on by some landlord or supervisor in order to distribute through the apartments. And there are people who decide when it gets turned on and off. I have even heard that it gets as technical as what hours during the day and night the heat can be on!!! This, obviously, is not a program I would sign up for.

On Wedensday, I asked my realtor if I could use the heat. Silly question since I can turn it on but figured there was going to be some rule or law dictating. And sure enough, there is. It seems that October 15 is the official day when people are allowed to start using their heaters. I dont know what is so special about this day but since it was the 10th of October when I asked, I figured I could make it a few more days.

Well, I didnt. I broke the law and turned on the heat. My apartment has alot of marble in it and there is such a chill in the air. I just couldnt wait. What a rebel I am! And now, 2 days later, with a cold and a slight fever, I dont have the least amount of guilt about doing so. Just dont tell anyone, ok?!

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