Saturday, October 6, 2007

Big Day was a big day for me. Of course, after you read this you may be wondering what is so great about THAT but, trust me, little strides make all the difference in the world when you live in a foreign land.

So, first, I mustered my courage and decided to go back to that infamous cafe where I hit my head 2 months ago (2 months to the day by the way). I steadied myself outside the viscious glass door and gingerly opened it allowing more than enough room between it and me. Success! I am now able to enjoy some of the best cappuccino and brioche con crema around! I feel like I just graduated college or something....what an accomplishment....I can actually open a glass door and not hurt myself.

Second, after 5 months, I have received my official Codice Fiscale credit card ID. This is a computer generated ID that everyone has to have in order to do anything around here. I would probably liken it to a Social Security number in the US. To get any services like internet or phone, you need it. To buy a car or a house, you need it. And sometimes you just need it because they ask (which by now should not be surprising to anyone). I have been carrying around my paper copy of the card since I got here and actually just made a copy of it last week because it was getting so fragile. But now, no worries....I have the official card from the government! Lets hope Mondays visit to the police about my Permisso goes half as well as today.

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sognatrice said...

Well you're one up on me with that plastic card--I'm *still* waiting for mine. Reminds me that I should go back and check on it. Argh.

Congrats on conquering the door though--enjoy a great cappuccino for me :)