Monday, October 8, 2007

The Questura

Today was the day I went to the mainland police department (questura) to talk to them about my permisso di soggiorno appointment for July 30, 2008 (at 12:18 as you remember!). I had all my ducks in a row and made my way to the bus station.

At 8:10am, my bus rolls around (number 6/) and I get on. Next thing I know, we are turning toward the Tronchetto (which is an island for parking cars). This is not where I want to go. Turns out this bus (number 6/) is first a bus to Tronchetto....then it comes back to the bus station and becomes bus 6/ that goes into the city (Marghera). Why? Why ask?

So after a nice circular ride on the bus, I make my way to Marghera. The stop that I was supposed to exit on was closed because of road construction. But not to be too off from the route, the bus driver goes down the street after. The only problem with this is that it is a one way street. It doesnt seem to bother anyone else but me that cars are coming toward us. I guess they figure the bus is bigger.

Exiting another stop and with no clue as to what direction to walk, we follow some other people who look like they are heading toward the police (??!!). Sure enough, they are. I arrived around 9am with about 3 people in line ahead of me. At my turn, I tell the guy I am here about my permesso. He tells me my appointment isnt until July 30, 2008 (at 12:18pm). I explain (well, actually, Marco explains) that my Visa, my insurance and my apartment contract all expire in April and if I wait until July (at 12:18pm), I will have to provide them all new paperwork and fill out the forms again.

He is not in the least bit phased by my plea. He tells us that the Italian Government is messed up (really, what was your first clue?!) and there is nothing that can be done to expedite my appointment but that I am good to go until that date. He is not going to budge. And since he is the number giver to get into the building to wait for help, my mission has been aborted.

There you have it....within 5 minutes, I have been summarily dismissed and am on my way back to the island. I have to say I am not really comfortable with this arrangement but since there are a million other people in Italy like me (literally) walking around with appointments at 12:18pm, I will just go with it.

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Roam2Rome said...

"since there are a million other people in Italy like me, I will just go with it"

Brava! I'm glad that you take things easy, and learn to balance this side of Italy. Ah, I've seen waaay too many people flip out over things like this, and slip down a very bitter road. Enjoy Italy for the good that it has to offer!