Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blog Life

I started this Blog for the sole purpose of my friends and family. I wanted to keep in touch with them and let them know of my experiences, thoughts and daily life during my year abroad-the good, the bad and the ugly, so to speak. What has surprised me is how many people I dont know are reading the blog. Not a week goes by when I dont get an email from someone in this small world of ours who stumbled across my prose and just wanted to say 'hi'. I find this phenomenon fascinating and comforting in a strange way.

However, there is always a downside. And it seems that I have acquired an antagonistic reader. I cant be sure if it is just one person or more because they seem to be reluctant (i.e. cowardly) to leave a name/email/blog address of their own when they make comments on mine. Each is allowed their own opinion and I respect what they have to say as that is their opinion. However, I dont appreciate the negativity toward my experiences and impressions. Whoever you are, you are not living in my shoes and therefore cannot tell me what I do and do not know or feel or think or experience.

It seems that my blog causes you much angst, so I wonder why you continue to read??? For my part, I will continue to delete your comments as I do find them offensive and I have not written this blog for you. Your life in Venice now or whenever you were here was an experience unique to yourself. Please dont try to impress your life onto others. Find another blog to read, or better yet, create your own and say whatever you want.

For the record, however, let me clarify one thing. My friends and family know that my humor is dryer than the Arizona summer and that my tone is more often than not sarcastic. This in no way shape or form signifies that I am not having the time of my life in Italy in thought, experience and feelings. For my family and friends, you know that I am having the time of my life in Italy (and that encompasses the good, the bad and the ugly). For those of you who read this and aren't family or friends, I would just like to say that I am having the time of my life in Italy!


Imani said...

Ciao, Spike...To offset the rude comments you've been receiving: I too, stumbled across your blog and enjoy it tremendously. So much so that I went back to the beginning posts and read it all.

Your viewpoints, humor, and ability to make your experiences in Venice so real are tremendous.

I have a particular interest in your blog and others, Bleeding Espresso and At Home in Rome among them. By this time next year, I will relocate to Brescia and live there. Although I'm not 'new' to Italy, I've learned much from those of you so willing to open up your lives so selflessly.

Keep on blogging and best wishes for continued adventures.

Susan said...

Thank you! :-) Bleeding Espresso is great. Congrats on relocating and enjoy the ride getting here.

Ryan said...

Susan, I have recently moved to Montebelluna (its near Venice but Im not sure how close) and would love to get to know you. Have you met any other Americans from the area?

Ryan said...

Please read my blog and feel free to post

Tina said...

I've, um, "stumbled" in through expattalk... :-)

I'm sorry you've been getting negative comments. I think your stance is correct - you are writing this blog for yourself - as a way to journal your life - and the rest of us are fortunate that we can take a little peek into your world.

Everyone's experiences are different - if the antagonizer would like to complain about his/her life in Venezia, then they can certainly go start their own blog, and leave you alone. Good for you for deleting those comments, they are no use to you. :-)