Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Birthday Celebration

So last night was my 42nd birthday. Well, not really until the 26th but since that is a holiday around here, I picked last night for a dinner party. Here are the highlights of the day.

I was lucky enough to sleep until almost 8am...thank you Mr. Peabody for that lovely gift! Then I went to get a two hour massage. Apparently, I am the first person to ask them for this extended luxury. Instead of spending extra time on each limb to use up the 2 hours, she gave me an hour massage, told me to lie there for a few minutes and she would be back. At which point, she started all over again with another 1 hour massage. Funny but still a nice time.

Unfortunately, it was a balmy 34 degrees outside after the massage so I was immediately 'alive' once I stepped outside from the warmth of my experience. I delivered my dessert to the restaurant for the evening and went home for the afternoon where I painted my fingernails for the first time in aobut 2 years and took a little catnap!

At 7pm, I met 12 of my new Venice friends (and one from Prague) at my favorite restaurant--those of you who have visited me will remember Rosa Rossa. We toasted with champagne and sat down for some appetizers (cicchetti in Italian). The owner, Christiano, his wife Elisa and brother Dionigi served up a wonderful atmosphere and fabulous cooking. Red wine was flowing. As a surprise, I ordered a suckling roasted pig which is a specialty of Sardenia and you might remember me talking about it back in July. There was so much food for appetizers that we didnt even order any meals and went straight to dessert--cannoli for everyone!

It was a great evening. Hardly anyone knew each other and this made for great conversations and laughter. I had such a special time and got some wonderful gifts (they even know I like cows here!). I will always treasure my memory of my birthday party in Venice! As my blog says, I truly am living the charmed life.


Imani said...

What a great party! Looks like such fun...Happy almost birthday :-)

Gil said...

I think that I could do a job on that pig! It is inspiring to read your posts and your great pictures don't hurt either.

Roam2Rome said...

It looks like it was a wonderful evening for everyone :)

The 26th? Wow. To have Christmas & your Birthday so close to one another must be quite something!

Happy Early Birthday!

Ryan said...

I am leaving for Rome and then America today so I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas now because I know things will get really crazy once I get home. So I hope you have a great Italian Christmas and a Happy Birthday and a Happy New Year! When I get back we can talk about going to Ferrara and plan some new adventures!