Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Number 5 at 42

Well, here we are…my 5th annual birthday update letter. I only thought it appropriate to post it on the blog since this year, my distribution of people to update is more global! I usually share the highlights of the year with you now but it’s hard to pick out just a few when one lives in Venice!

I was thinking about last year at this time. I was arriving in Venice to sign the lease on my apartment here and celebrate my birthday. And, today, I am sitting in my apartment in Venice getting ready to celebrate my birthday!

I figure since you are already in my blog, you can get caught up if you haven’t already done so and read about my adventures, experiences and thoughts. But there are a few things that I haven’t posted—a few things I have learned during this year.

First, God’s blessings on me and his plans for me are so much better than any I come up with for myself!
Second, the beauty of this world (both natural and manmade) are indescribable at times.
Third, I really can live a much simpler life and there is great happiness to be found in that.

But I don’t want you to think that my letter this year is heavy with philosophical musings.

Mr. Peabody is doing well. He will be 17 in February. We had a few scares this year but I am amazed at how resilient and playful he is. My time in Italy has been enhanced because of my little buddy.

Earlier in the year I tried to come up with a list of 5 things I miss. Well, I still miss my couch back home! When I get back, I am going to sit and lie there for a good week without moving!

After 30 some visitors to my apartment in Venice, I learned more about you and me than either of us ever expected!

I have attempted to write that book I mentioned last year. It is so much more difficult than I ever expected. So, while I have not progressed as far as I had hoped, I have made a good dent in it.

More importantly, I have started seeing a plan for my future—what I want to be when I grow up. It’s not completely outlined yet, but know that this time away has given me the opportunity to think and ponder like never before.

It is officially winter now and I am doing amazingly well in this weather. I have also learned that I really don’t like the cold (no surprise to most of you) and am very happy that my home is in Phoenix!

I have a few more trips planned so far…Germany in January, Malta in February, Dublin in March and April is being discussed. After that, who knows. I do love traveling and seeing the world. I did get that wonderful email from the UK telling me I won the lottery there, so after I lose my mind and send them money to claim my winnings, maybe I will just travel the rest of my life!

I miss you all and have appreciated the technology to keep in touch. I look forward to a new year with anticipation. In the meantime, prayers to all of you for a blessed year.


Mark said...

I've won the lottery in Africa somewhere...or maybe that was my long lost family member that left me all that money. Good luck with that. :)

Gil said...

It is amazing how the scam artists seem to find people. Enjoy your up coming trips and Birthday!