Monday, December 24, 2007

Mince Meat Pie

This morning I went to the Reverends house for a traditional Christmas Eve morning of mince meat pie and mulled wine! I love them both. My grandmother used to make mince meat and rhubarb pie...I dont think I have had either since she passed away some 12 years ago or so. And I do love mulled wine!

Mince meat pie (for those of you who are skittish) no longer has meat in it and consists of fruits and other sweet things. The Reverends wife hand made the crust and all. She actually made what we would call tarts.....small individual pies with a 'lid' on it. As English tradition goes, you are to pull the top off the pie and make as many wishes as you have currents (not raisins) stuck to the top of your crust! But you can only do this for the first pie.....which means the other three that I had are strictly caloric intake and dont grant any wishes!

On the way home, this little ol' lady asked me to help her over a bridge and down the stairs. What a sweet thing she was and what a treat to be able to help on this special day.

Tonight, I am off to services at church where I will partake in my first Christingle service. Apparently this is originally a Moldavian tradition that the English church has taken over in the last 30 years or so. Everyone gets an orange with a stick in it and a ribbon around it to symbolize the world and Jesus.....I dont think I have it all down yet but I will figure it out tonight! Just so you know, it has nothing to do with Chris Kringle on the cartoon! haha

Buon Natale in Italian!
Happy Christmas in English!
Merry Christmas in American!

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Gil said...

Being asked for help means that you have been accepted as a native from what I remember. Merry Christmas.