Monday, December 3, 2007


I am really going global this year! Wednesday is my first meeting for the upcoming Pantomime show being produced here in Venice in January. Unless you come from the UK, you are probably thinking a pantomime is the same thing I did--the guy with the white gloves who doesnt talk but tries to get out of the imaginary box. Well, low and behold, its a long held British tradition and actually more of a play with some audience interaction.

We will be giving 4-5 shows I believe over 3 days and all are in English and the community is invited. I wont be part of the actual cast but I do have a couple of 'behind the scenes' jobs to do and am really looking forward to experiencing this event.

For those of you who want more info on this tradition, you can go to and read all about it. The website mentions how it never really took off in America!

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Anonymous said...

My english bloke just explained this to me :) I love the photos in your previous post.