Friday, December 14, 2007


Ok...just back from another trip to the vet. Much more pleasant for both of us this time. I decided to forego as much walking as possible and took a long boat ride around the island to get close to the vet. Mr. P did good except for the intial putting into the carrier event.

At the vet I knew I was in for a wait when there were already 3 people waiting. Turns out another emergency (aaarrrggghhh). There was a cat inside who went into shock. At least this time I only waited for about 45 extra minutes before I got in. In the waiting room, everyone loved my cat carrier again (this seems to be a big hit over here and perhaps I should consider making some money off of it!).

Once inside, I saw the cat in the side room. He/she was hooked up to many tubes, had an oxygen mask and an elderly owner whose eyes were red from crying. It was very sad. And, of course, that is when Mr. P decided to start crying at the top of his lungs. Once the vet started to draw the blood, it was more like bloody murder he was screaming. Upsetting for everyone around.

But we survived and left in about 5 minutes for another long boat ride home. He ate like a horse when we got here and its all in the past now. I call next week for the test results to see how the thyroid medicine is doing. And, hopefully, that is the last time he has to go in the carrier until its time to go.


Maryann said...

awww. I feel so bad for that elderly lady :(

Miss Expatria said...

Hi, did you happen to see, or do you know, how much it costs to have a pet spayed or neutered there? We're in France and it costs an exorbitant amount, and we're moving to Italy in about 6 months.

Susan said...

I dont know the costs exactly but I am truly surprised at how cheap vet services are here compared to the US. Good luck with the move!

Girl in Giro said...

hi again! can i ask which vet you use? i might be interested in changing here in Venice. My vet does not even have a scale and when I brought my cat as a kitten the first couple of times they could not even weigh her and told me to do it with a kitchen scale at home. typical, no?