Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Years Eve in Venice

Well, in just a few days, another year will be ending. It will be my second time in Venice in as many years. Last year I 'experienced' New Years Eve and really dont want to see that again. I dont know if it was a regular theme but there were thousands of free bottles of champagne given out to the revelers in St. Marks Square and at the stroke of midnight, everyone started throwing their bottles on the was like a war zone! What a waste of alot of champagne to boot!

This year, the theme is called LoVe and according to Bongiorno Venezia, 'it will doubtless be something very original, since lots of couples will be involved in kissing each other in St. Mark's Square, from 10:45 p.m. until the stroke of midnight. There is a double aim: getting into Guinness World Records and transmitting Venetian New Year's Day during TV news all over the world, like what happens in New York, Paris, London and Sidney. For this unusual event, the choreographer and staging director Doung Jack, who realised the mass movements for some Olympics ceremonies, will be available in order to make the show as much more impressive. He will have to direct almost 60,000 people, the expected number those who will be in St. Mark's Square on December 31st.'

So, for those of you near a TV, see if you see me and let me know...for the rest of you, you can watch the webcam of St. Marks Square and I will wave to you!


Gil said...

Is that web cam supposed to be live?

Susan said...

Gil...yes, its 'live' in the sense that it is refreshed every 5 minutes! What do you expect from a city that has about 12 computers total! haha