Monday, December 10, 2007

Fixing Venice

I have talked enough about the decay and restoration of Venice. Its a huge undertaking. And its very difficult to describe. Well, the island of San Pantalon here in Venice is being fixed and I was able to snap some pics for you to help you understand. San Pantalon is an island and is part of the 117 islands that make up the full island of Venice as you know it. No one really talks about the 117 different islands here but in this case, they are literally using the canal boundaries to do some restoration.

At a high level, the workers will dig up the street and go about 5-7 feet down where they will find all the pipes and wires for that area. They will replace what they can or need to, build up the foundation again and then cover it all in and put on a new street. A job this size can easily take over a year to do even though it is an area the size of a normal 1300 sq ft house. It truly is fascinating how they work their way around the island, fixing and repairing. It never ends.

Unfortunately, when I went to take pictures, it was morning and the tide was in so I wasnt able to get some of the best ones showing you the old vs. the new. However, I think you will get the idea.

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Gil said...

It is good to know that they are actually trying to do something to keep ahead of the decay. Thanks for posting.