Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are you finding everything.....

No, this post isnt about my unpacking (although I did make some progress). Its about how polite everyone is here! Ok, I am sure thats a sweeping generalization, but if I could get a euro for everytime someone has said one of the following to me in my 2 times out, I could come back to Venice soon!

Are you finding everything you need
Can I help you
How are you today
Have a nice day
Thank you
and my favorite...why did you leave Venice!? (ok, yeah, I have been telling strangers about what a great year I just had)

I wont harp on the Venetians anymore because we all know how I feel about their manners but I can tell you it sure does make a difference in your attitude (and for me, transition) when people are friendly. Albeit, its probably just stuff that most people say in passing and they really hope you dont ask them to do anything, but its still nice to hear it. I took that for granted before I left and now actually enjoy it.

I have a friend here in Phoenix who 'never met a stranger'. She talks to everyone she meets or stands in line with and makes eye contact. I never realized how important that was and how affirming it can be. Of course, I suppose it can be annoying to talk to everyone (like that person on the plane next to me from Atlanta to Phoenix who wouldnt stop talking for 4 hours!) So, lesson learned!

You might be asking where I went in my latest outing since I last left you with the idea that I was not going to leave the house ever again! I had a list of things to get outside of the 'brand new and improved and bigger grocery store' and went out to conquer the world and my newfound fear of consumerism.

After making a few stops along the way, it was off to Target to fulfill the list of 'stuff' needed. It wasnt easy in Target as the bright lights, pretty colors and sale items draw you in. I had several conversations with myself about whether I needed that or wanted it and why did I want it after I swore to my blog community that I wouldnt fall into this consumerism trap! In the end, I only walked out with what was on my list which I think was a first for me in Target (and they were sad about it I am sure!). One success under my belt.

So, another thing has been checked off my list....now comes the one I am really dreading...the job interviews. 3 this week and 2 next I think. I have really become accustomed to not working and have had no problem filling up my days--I think I could do it for a living! The thought of working makes me want to say....Ugh! Oh well, theres always hope that I will marry rich! :-)

Editors Note: As an aside, I am just tickled pink after unpacking all my shoes (gosh I love shoes!) that I havent seen in a year. It was like I just went on shopping spree and got all new ones. I think I am doomed to this consumerism thing.....will need to wear some sort of electric collar type mechanism that shocks me everytime I get too close to buying!


Jessica_in_Rome said...

I really been enjoying reading as you get settled in back home! It's like a reverse culture shock. Keep it up!

Imani said...

Welcome back to the States, Susan! I am happy that you have continued to post your experiences to your blog.

I have been a fan since you first arrived in Venice.

Best wishes on your job hunt...may you find something that you really, really love to do!

Imani said...

P.S. Don't you miss the cashier Nazi??? ;-)