Sunday, May 18, 2008


I paid for the gym all year because they wouldn't put my membership on hold and at $12 a month, I couldnt see myself cancelling and re-signing up at a higher price. The first day I walked in and swiped my card through the machine, the electronic lady told me to stop and check in again. When the counter gal looked at the computer, she said, "you havent been here in 411 days!" How is that for intimidating? But I told her I had a good excuse as I was out of the country. I dont think she believed me!

I tried 3 different exercise classes this week. As of today, we had our first 100 degree day, so being outside (which is what I prefer) is no longer an option until about October. I sure do miss just walking around Venice, climbing bridges and getting that exercise without even knowing it.

My first class was called Power Pump. Its an all over body and weight workout to music. I used to go to something like this before I left so I was prepared. My arms are still as weak as ever but I could tell that all that bridge climbing made the squats a heck of alot easier.

Then I went to Zumba! Apparently a new fad or craze since I have left, its Latin based music with dancing/exercise. Quite the workout actually. I used to think I had some rythym but I am certainly no JLo when it comes to these moves. The good news was there were a few people in there less coordinated than me so I didnt look like a complete idiot.

And finally, I tried Yoga. I tried it years ago and didnt like it. Guess what--I still dont like it. Not my cup of tea doing 'down dog', 'cobra' and 'side warrior' type positions. And surprisingly, it really hurt my knee. Remember the knee drama from January. Its been good since I have left the humidity but I dont think I am ready for the static movements of Yoga yet.

So, there you have it...I have re-entered the gym life of America. One small step in the transition and hopefully one that will have a good side effect in the end. Maybe I can figure the rest of my struggles out while I am swiveling my hips to some Ricky Martin in class next week?!

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