Sunday, May 4, 2008


I managed to get 4 hours of sleep in 2 days--I wouldnt call it jet lag because that has never really plagued me, but more of being dazed and confused. Its an odd sensation I am experiencing. I dont feel lost but rather like I dont belong. I suppose this is normal even though I am living in a place I have been for 16 years and I am in my own home. After a year away, so many things have changed and so many have stayed the same.

I unpacked the 5 suitcases--or should I say, I deposited the contents of the suitcases into various rooms in large piles to be sorted later. Nothing was broken which I take as a testament to my packing skills. I should have gotten an Academy award for my packing--no really!

But the TSA did visit the big suitcase (the 88 pounder!). God bless them for emptying it and getting it all back in. They went all the way down to the bottom to check out the alcohol (i.e. limoncello), coming dangerously close to my limoncello glasses! And apparently, the TSA agent was a 2 year old because along the way, they ripped open a Baicoli box of cookies like they were Cookie Monster and taped up a bottle of limoncello (to let me know they were there in addition to the calling card they left) so as to make it impossible to see it or get into it! I hope they had fun.

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Gil said...

I was expecting to hear that they checked the limoncello and it leaked all over the suitcase or they took it!