Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Interview

I have to be honest.... I would rather have a root canal without novicane than go back to work, but since I am not independently wealthy, I went on my first interview today. I havent interviewed in almost a decade so I knew I would be a bit out of practice.

I remember they used to ask stupid questions like, 'if you were a sandwich, what kind would you be?'. This apparently would tell something psychologically important about you and be the deciding factor as to whether or not you would get hired. I decided that in the event, they were still asking this stupid question, I would answer 'tremezzini'. That should keep them occupied for a while!

But they dont ask that anymore....they just give you tons of psychological profile tests to come up with the same answer. And, they check not only your background but your credit and if you have a MySpace site and what you say on it (boy am I glad my blog doesnt have my name in it! haha).

Then came the question of all questions--why did you quit your job and move to Italy? Thinking quickly and knowing that they probably dont want to hear the truth (i.e. I was in the middle of mid life crisis and had to run away!), I chose instead to say: 'An opportunity presented itself that was too good to ignore and I was allowed the chance to achieve a lifelong dream'. Of course, that is true also, but its much more vague and doesnt lead on that I was in the throws of mid life. I think they were satisfied and I managed to get over this politically correct moment.

In the end, however, I dont really care if they were satisfied because this job was not for me. I have another interview Thursday, one Friday and a great call this morning from an airline...I hope they call back to schedule an interview.

However........I suppose now is a good a time as any to share with my blog community what my true dream job is for now. I spent a good 6 months creating my own website for a business I want to start here. How I am going to get it started and have a 'real' job at the same time plagues me, but I will do my best. Check it out and feel free to hire me!


Gil said...

Judging on how well you organized and spent your time in Italy, from reading your Blog, I am sure your business will be a success.

Anonymous said...


Thats two great ideas:
1. Personal Concierge (Gopher!)
2. Venice Specialist

I think you should set up a second website for the Venice Specialism, Venice is unique and it is all too easy to have a really cr@p time even if you pay way too much money.

We've found a great B&B but would definitely benefit from some other advice to get the most out of our all too short trips to Venice.

Rob & Natalie