Tuesday, May 20, 2008

But its a dry heat!

I have noticed over the past few days and have received some emails that my second home in Venice has been a bit rainy. Quite the contrary here as expected. However, we are dealing with our own wierd weather.

Last week at this time, we were unusually cool for May at about 82 degrees. By Sunday, we had hit our first 100 for the season (105 to be exact) and then the last two days have topped out around 110!!! I have been in this city for over 15 years and its way to early for those numbers. In fact, we shattered a record for having the earliest 110 in the season as well as jumping so quickly into it. However, not all is lost, because a storm is blowing in and we are to be 79 by Thursday! I am sure that is another record.

I dont complain about the heat...never have. It was a choice I made to come here and leave Wisconsin (where it is downright cold alot!). Actually, I only ever complain about being cold! This is evidenced in my blog all year about the cold marble floors and humidity in Venice. I am the person who wears a sweater at work because the a/c is too much for me! So, 110 is not something to complain about in my book. However, it is a bit early in the year and hard to pace onseself knowing that 100 degree temps are around until at least early October. Lets hope after Thursdays storm, the temps decide to creep back up to just 100 for a while!

Here is the million dollar question, however. Would I rather be warm in Phoenix or cold in Venice? For now, I will stay in Phoenix. A job offer has come in and 2 other interviews are happening this week. I guess I will be gainfully employed by June 1. However, I will not count out being cold in Venice again sometime in my future.......

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Maryann said...

"But it's a dry heat!"..haha. I always laugh when people say this. I've been following your adventures and it seems you're doing fine. You are a strong and brave soul :)