Sunday, April 29, 2007

It figures....

You know how things go so well for so long and then you slam into the wall. Well, I met the wall and I am a bloody mess. My brand new $1500 laptop has developed a hard drive issue and does not connect to the internet. How this happened is beyond me. It worked great a day ago and then last night, nothing. I have been on the phone for a total of 10 hours with various people around the world (India, Phillipines, etc) and we have gone as far as removing everything and putting it back to factory install. Still no internet. So, now I get to drive clear across town tomorrow to drop off my brand new $1500 laptop for service...and supposedly that it is under warranty is to bring me comfort! No laptop travelling with me to Italy. I have no idea what to do...I have officially lost it...crying like a baby and beyond exhaustion. I give up....moving to a foreign country is not the faint at heart and I have been a trooper for 9 months--running on nothing but adrenaline as I worked, went to school and prepared for the move. And, now, in the 11th hour, death of my lifeline......I don't know whether to be mad or sad....having not slept all night probably doesn't allow me to make an accurate decision....perhaps I need a nap.

And now it's several hours later without a nap but a good jolt of Coke and I am the proud owner of a new laptop! Yep, a new laptop! Don't have time to deal with this crap so being the determined individual that I am, I solved the problem! Andrenaline is running high (alongside caffeine) and I am off to tackle the packing once more--for good!

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