Sunday, April 22, 2007

Single digits and goodbyes

So, I am just home from a weekend in Las Vegas to see my dad and my aunt one last time before leaving and a momentous thing happened along the way.....I am now down to single digit days before the big trip. You know how you think and plan for something for soooooooo long and it takes on a rather surreal life of its own; but before you know it, the actual event arrives and reality hits and the hot flashes set in! Well, that's where I have arrived...8 days left and the hot flashes are coming! How am I ever going to get all this done in 8 short days? And how am I going to fit all that in these 4 suitcases? And how long can I keep saying goodbye before the tears can't be hidden? And how in the world is Mr. Peabody going to stay in that 18X12X12 carrier for 19 hours without freaking out? Well, enough of the rambling, you get the idea. Probably the only thing that isn't down to single digits is the number of shoes I am taking! But, I am beginning to realize that I may have to rethink the whole 30 pounds of shoes...this doesn't make me happy, but it must be done...stay tuned for the final weigh in!

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