Sunday, April 1, 2007

What Will I Miss?

There are two questions I get over and over since this adventure started. One...aren't you afraid to move to a foreign country by yourself? (by the way, the answer is no). And, two, what are you going to miss the most while you are gone?

Well, since we all know I am taking enough shoes, I probably won't be missing any of those! :-) But there are a few things that might make me nostalgic for home. First, is peanut butter! In fact, those of you visiting me already know this is your 'rent' to stay with me...a jar of peanut butter. I hear if you search high and low and have some mafia connections, you can find peanut butter but it's not the same as American peanut butter, so why bother!?

Italians use alot of Nutella spread (which by the way is wonderful, but it's not peanut butter).

You can't even imagine how ecstatic I was when I found out there was a peanut butter restaurant here in town (PBLoco)....nothing but the best! I've even pondered opening my own franchise restaurant...there has to be others out there like me, right? Yesterday, I ate at PBLoco 2 times (I'm a regular!). For lunch I had the "Wacko" which is curry spice PB, pickles, coconut and potato chips. It wasn't that bad regardless of the noise you just made...tasted mostly like a mustard sandwich...but probably not worth repeating. However for dinner, I had the "Cinny Nilla" which is cinnamon and raisin PB, vanilla cream cheese, apples and caramel. Now that was good. Probably one of the best there is the "Memphis" which is any flavor of PB you want (they have 12!), banana, honey and bacon....just like Elvis did it I am sure!

But I digress...I swore I wouldn't write one of those silly blogs where people tell you all the stupid things they did all day and here I am doing just that after only 3 tries.

What else will I miss? Target, using a dryer for my clothes, movie theater popcorn (and the movies to go with it) and massages. Well, of course, all of my family and friends but half of you are coming to see me...dont' forget my peanut butter!

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Thomas said...

This "what-will-I-miss" comment is very interesting for it's written before the event. I can imagine there'll be some corrections (apart from PB!) and addendums necessary later on when live in Italy shows it's tricky details!