Monday, April 23, 2007

Out of School and Unemployed....

Isn't this what you hear from recent college grads?! Why am I saying it at 41 years old? :-) (by the way, don't tell anyone I am 41). Wow, quite a walk of faith for me right now as this reality has made itself evident today (not my age but the unemployed part).

Saying goodbye to my coworkers this morning was really very difficult. I had no idea but as I thought about it later in the day, I realized that we spend more time with our coworkers than our families and friends....and for me, my coworkers have become my family and my friends as well. I won't get mushy here but suffice to say, some tears were shed.

Leaving class tonight was also emotional but for different reasons. Now I actually have to go and use what Sirio has been teaching me for months! That's enough to generate another hot flash! :-) My first task is to tell the water taxi driver where I want to go...that should be tons of fun....we could be driving around for ages if I don't get it right........time will tell.

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Kelsey said...

Yeah, only when i'm out of school and unemployed, i doubt i'll be heading off to ITALY! i'm so excited for you! have fun!